Unlock Your Confident Smile with Invisalign!

Struggling with crooked teeth? Don't hide your smile! Dr. Darien Ephram at Laurel Canyon Dental offers Invisalign—a discreet, comfortable orthodontic solution for achieving your dream smile in a year or less.

The Invisalign System

Combining cutting-edge technology with orthodontics, Invisalign's clear trays gently shift your teeth into place. Ideal for minor alignment issues or gaps, visit our Valley Village office for a personalized consultation with Dr. Ephram.

Customized Treatment

After an assessment, precise instructions guide the creation of your custom aligners. Replace them every two weeks, wearing them for 23 hours a day, gradually witnessing your teeth align flawlessly week by week.

Living with Invisalign

Maintaining your aligners is simple. Remove trays for meals and brushing, ensuring proper dental hygiene. Regularly clean your aligners with recommended methods to keep them bacteria-free and clear

Daily Dental Care

Brush your teeth twice daily with Dr. Ephram's recommended toothbrush. Daily flossing keeps your teeth and aligners free from food particles, maintaining oral health throughout your treatment.

Discover Your Perfect Smile

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for a consultation with Dr. Ephram in Valley Village, CA. Start your journey towards a confident, straighter smile today!